On this month’s cover, Eric tells the story of writing a song after attending a funeral for a family who had lost a loved one to cancer. Since this experience helped inspire him to establish our school, and in the hopes, these words may lend some comfort to families going through a similar experience, we’ve decided to share “Come Home” with you.

We never thought it’d come so soon

When the doctor said you were Stage 2

Somehow years turned into days

Now the pastor is on his way

I know you can’t open your eyes

But if you see the other side

We are here to let you know

It’s okay to just let go

‘Cuz heaven opened up the gate today

There are angels calling out to you

Come home, come home

Our Father has prepared a place for you

To come home

This house is cold without you here

I’m tryin’ to hold back all my tears

But it gets me every time

I look into our daughter’s eyes

She asked me where her mommy is today

There’s still an angel calling out for you

Come home, come home

Our daughter has prepared a place for you

To come home

I promise that I’ll raise her up just like her mommy would

And give her all the lovin’ that I wish her mommy could

I’ll hold her hand and teach her everything that I have learned

And then I’ll let her go when it’s my turn

To come home, come home

Save a place for me beside of you

‘Cuz when there’s no more work on earth to do

I’ll close my eyes just like you taught me to

And I’ll come home