Over the past few months, something special has been happening during our Friday makeup classes. Parents have been asking to sit in and listen! Now, we always allow you to be there for your child, no matter what day of the week it is. But what made this experience unique is that these Friday sessions are group classes, which meant lessons started becoming like unofficial recitals. So, we’ve decided, “Why not take it to the next level?”


Starting this January, we’re going to be holding weekly shows right here at our school! Every Friday at 7 p.m., eight students will have a chance to entertain the small, supportive audience. These sessions are open to anyone — not just those in need of a makeup lesson — so be sure to sign up early at the front desk to secure your student’s spot! We’re excited for the valuable skills these unique shows can teach!


While we’ve always offered large red-carpet events like our Sundon Hall performance series, we recognize that performing in front of hundreds of people isn’t for every student. With the opportunity to perform in a smaller, less formal environment, young musicians can learn to overcome stage fright and let their talents shine. Whether your child wants to perform on the big stage one day or simply wants to build their confidence, this is the right place to start.


These smaller mini recitals are also ideal for students who have already performed at larger events and plan to attend more in the future. Having a weekly outlet available for experienced musicians to practice live performances is the perfect way to prepare for being in the spotlight!

So, whether you have a seasoned performer in your household or a budding musician looking to show off their skills for the first time, sign up for these recitals! Again, only eight slots will be available per week due to the size of our classrooms. You can secure your student’s place early by putting their name down at our front desk!