We’re happy to introduce John Hodges as MnSOM’s office manager! John joined the MnSOM family last year as a guitar teacher after finishing his seminary degree at Yale and relocating from the East Coast with his wife, Hopewell, who is doing a Ph.D. program at the University of Minnesota. John is a great musician and teacher, but he also brings a diverse skill set to his position at MnSOM.

John’s academic background is in Biblical studies and divinity, but music has always been an important part of his life thanks to his parents. “My mom is quite musical. She sings and learned guitar with me when I first took lessons in elementary school,” he said. “My dad can’t really even clap on beat,” John jokes, “but he was also a huge musical influence and is responsible for a lot of musical taste,” including taking him to see his first concert —Bob Dylan — when John was 7.

The guitar lessons John did with his mom as a kid stuck. He continued to play guitar and write songs, and that hobby has traveled with him across the country from Montana where he grew up to his time at Yale. It even went across the pond with him when he studied for a stint at Oxford University. Through his travels and involvement in the church community, John has had the opportunity to play with lots of talented musicians and practice new genres like gospel and neo-soul.

When he moved to Minnesota last year, he began at MnSOM as a part-time teacher but happily jumped on the opportunity when Eric recruited him to full-time office staff. “I really like what the Nehring family has built with his school. There is a culture of mutual encouragement and people are excited about learning and the students,” John said. He’s looking forward to helping Eric continue to build on the school’s excellent reputation and expand the musical offerings to serve even more students.

As the office manager, John will be the liaison between staff and instructors, making sure that everyone’s schedules run smoothly. He’ll also be helping Eric plan and execute events and recitals, which are in high demand after a year spent largely at home. When it comes to logistics, John is a pro. He got married and moved across the country during a pandemic year. He’s excited to put down roots here and says he and his wife love exploring the city and state they now call home.


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